A Poem About the Sky

Wrap me in a blanket
Stop my thinking
My mind is blank
For a second it was blinking
I’m on cloud nine
I don’t care if I’m fine
I’m in love with the strangest things
Though opinions are in the mind
I tend to waste my time
Admiring what’s not mine
Though it may never be
I don’t mind
Enjoying the company
I like how this feels
That being so surreal
I like the closeness
How it is to the touch
I hug you forever
I try not to ask for much
The things I say
The things I do
Would be different
If meant for you
This may sound untrue
Give me a chance
What I mean is
My pen is
saying things that may sound senseless
Messages that are subliminal
It’s criminal for you
to be so close.
Yet so far away.
I use extended metaphors
While you think you know
You still remain unsure
If I’m talking about the sky
or something else.
Though you would not be wrong
If you thought of yourself.


With the Morning

I wanted to fall asleep with you.
In my arms. Others around.
They’d wake us with the sun and I’d smile.
A secret on my lips.
Your breath on my neck.
I want you so much.
In their eyes I’d awaken you
transferring the secret too.
They think they know.
We’d rise so slowly.
Float pass them.
Hands intertwined. Yours in mine.
I wanted to.
I wanted you.
But after we kissed
Before we had lain…
You sent me away.
Before anything had arisen.

The Wonder Lands in your Head

Time goes by
until it becomes unreal
a lie within a dream
cloudy thoughts.
I cannot remember a thing.
I, taught by the past
studied by a future self, learn
nothing falls as it should.
Two dices thrown
yet one lands alone
as the other suspends
in space afraid to change.
Our physics speak untrue.
Somehow gravity pulls us apart.
After, I examine life in the chambers of my heart.
Sit there in love.
Sit there in love.
Thinking till dumb.
Love till you hate.
Laugh till you cry.
I thought in youth
I left this all behind.
The wonder lands in your head.
Hurt yet sorry.
Sorry because hurt.
Plans made. Discarded. Then drawn again
until sure it can done.
I’m not God. I cannot fix everything.
Why do you ask for so much?
I’m not God. I’m too sinful to be.
I heard you heard about my meaning from another
Yet even when you know
The Wonder Lands in Your Head
nothing will change.

Common Ground

It’s raining where you are as well.
We’ve drift so far apart.
Yet we are in the same place
You feel the wet cold on your skin too
So you must feel as I do.
You are in this state tonight
just as well as I.
You are experiencing the same as me
as it happens all around you.
How can you say we share no common ground?
We have lived here for ages.
We walked this path countless times.
We have what you say we do not.
In this rain I see a ray of light.
I’ve caught it with gifted promises.
When the rain is not my own
the light refuses to associate.
Do you see it?
If you do not, I cannot catch it.
This hint
we both have seen it before.
I see a shimmer behind the clouds.
A light that’s blocked out.
I cannot reach it.
I let it glimmer then fade.
I do nothing.
It would be more
than I could bear to show.

Twin Flames

Yesterday she told
me about her twin flame and
how they should connect.

Nothing can be said
on the topic. Long ago
I had lost the right.

They devour sweet
treats that cause difficult thoughts.
What is it they taste?

I’m indecisive
and with decisions like these
I could never choose.

If fate were to will
I manage to afford you
still I would not smile.

I worry sometimes
that some chocolate is too pure
and with no sugar.

Truly not tasting
protects from disillusion
but creates envy.

I wish I had been
given my own twin to find
in the midst of life.

I was not granted
peace of mind and so now I
hope that fate obliges.

Having no passion
and detachment are the same
I so often lie.

Other ones I tell
includes thoughts that perfection
exists in humans.

I place blame on her
for having a twin flame
I only want warmth.

I should accept this.
What they are and what I have
though I never can.

In the end it seems
It is better not knowing
What could have become.

It is often best
to think the taste is sweet and
never know you’re wrong.

Understanding the point of this blog

This is my first post. Until I have more experience with posting my posts will be random and circuitous at times.I intend for this blog to display my poems and incite discussion about their underlying ideas and what I can do to improve.

I will post at a span of once a week. One poem every Tuesday.

For the time being it will only be poems but I hope to begin posting song lyrics and I shall go from there.

This is all that I can think to write as of right now.