Twin Flames

Yesterday she told
me about her twin flame and
how they should connect.

Nothing can be said
on the topic. Long ago
I had lost the right.

They devour sweet
treats that cause difficult thoughts.
What is it they taste?

I’m indecisive
and with decisions like these
I could never choose.

If fate were to will
I manage to afford you
still I would not smile.

I worry sometimes
that some chocolate is too pure
and with no sugar.

Truly not tasting
protects from disillusion
but creates envy.

I wish I had been
given my own twin to find
in the midst of life.

I was not granted
peace of mind and so now I
hope that fate obliges.

Having no passion
and detachment are the same
I so often lie.

Other ones I tell
includes thoughts that perfection
exists in humans.

I place blame on her
for having a twin flame
I only want warmth.

I should accept this.
What they are and what I have
though I never can.

In the end it seems
It is better not knowing
What could have become.

It is often best
to think the taste is sweet and
never know you’re wrong.


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