The Street Outside/ Real Colours

If now, in a split second of indecision
A terrible mistake were to happen
I’d rise and stare through glass
At this clash of powerful forces.
Through green tops. Through instinct to creation.
With realization of circumstance
these people dance.
Gather. Pose questions
that offer no help.
Artificial red rivers and seas
that spread towards white scenery
like a disease
to mix with the rushing blues
showing contrasting hues.
Concepts and philosophy and images
define the two.
Black soars overhead
and lands on stretching brown.
This all exists as though
society does not now.
As people pass
there real colours carry life on
knowing that while here
we will soon be gone.


Vicious Love

I want to hold you tightly
until it hurts
then at the last second,
before release of caged insides
I want to rip away.
If nothing lasts
or it feels that way
In disgust
I want to run away.
No longer hold you
as close as I used to
until we almost became one
and you gasped for air after.
Staring in disbelief at me,
how I loved you.
In passion rip the skin off me
until my back is red like a slave’s.
Teach me how to not think of freedom.
Make these parallels ring
like funeral bells do at weddings.
And when we think of future things
for a moment we can try to not worry
about when death forces us to part.


Act how
I expect you to
she says
through grit teeth and tears.
I grin at how she is
put my arm around her shoulders
to comfort her
as I display more of my crooked smile.
She slumps her shoulders.
Now she acts okay.
Then she hugs me
all is better.