The Bike Ride

I could barely climb this hill alone
So I later tried with two
Under a moon after my car died
only me and you.
You root for me
as I huffed and pumped
under the moon that cast silver in your hair.
Everyone was passing us.
Yet you didn’t seem to care.
Talking to me in a monologue
since I couldn’t respond
When I collapsed and couldn’t go on
you whispered what’s wrong.
Then you waited for no words.
Just held your arms to me,
helped me to my feet
so we could keep biking.
When we reached our destination
city lights under a peak
for the first time tonight
you did not speak.
Just rested your head on my shoulder,
hugged me closer
as we watched the stars of the city glaze over.
Maybe I’d be biking again.
Down hill this time.
After the uphill climb
I couldn’t bring myself to mind
the downhill ride
especially with
the sense of accomplishment inside.