Common Ground

It’s raining where you are as well.
We’ve drift so far apart.
Yet we are in the same place
You feel the wet cold on your skin too
So you must feel as I do.
You are in this state tonight
just as well as I.
You are experiencing the same as me
as it happens all around you.
How can you say we share no common ground?
We have lived here for ages.
We walked this path countless times.
We have what you say we do not.
In this rain I see a ray of light.
I’ve caught it with gifted promises.
When the rain is not my own
the light refuses to associate.
Do you see it?
If you do not, I cannot catch it.
This hint
we both have seen it before.
I see a shimmer behind the clouds.
A light that’s blocked out.
I cannot reach it.
I let it glimmer then fade.
I do nothing.
It would be more
than I could bear to show.


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