The Wonder Lands in your Head

Time goes by
until it becomes unreal
a lie within a dream
cloudy thoughts.
I cannot remember a thing.
I, taught by the past
studied by a future self, learn
nothing falls as it should.
Two dices thrown
yet one lands alone
as the other suspends
in space afraid to change.
Our physics speak untrue.
Somehow gravity pulls us apart.
After, I examine life in the chambers of my heart.
Sit there in love.
Sit there in love.
Thinking till dumb.
Love till you hate.
Laugh till you cry.
I thought in youth
I left this all behind.
The wonder lands in your head.
Hurt yet sorry.
Sorry because hurt.
Plans made. Discarded. Then drawn again
until sure it can done.
I’m not God. I cannot fix everything.
Why do you ask for so much?
I’m not God. I’m too sinful to be.
I heard you heard about my meaning from another
Yet even when you know
The Wonder Lands in Your Head
nothing will change.


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