The Lost of Vision (Rap Lyrics)

I kick hard as anyone
Pele, Messi, or a guy tryna score
A kid from Baltimore
tryin get great
but don’t know what for
trying get big
Blood to the head
Once out of the place
Where I had my first rig
I went all out
thought I had fame figured out
Now I scream and shout
at the sky
me and I
We are a lie
unstable kids hoping the real us don’t die
trying to crawl out the cradle
I used to be fine
now I’m not able
I used to want fame
Lights for my name
I forgot hunger
Was I to blame
Now I wander
fated to wonder
what lies left my lines
with only thunder.
I’m trying to get back
to when rap was pleasin
we didn’t need reason
before purpose and I split
and words became treason
We go through virtues like the seasons
Fisher, Maradona
I thought I told ya
You could be great
with a head on your shoulders
Faith can move mountains
But what will move the boulder
of ego that traps me in place
and makes the world colder?
The situational kick
are we bending it?
Or maybe we’re spending it?
The money we made
We don’t regret what we did
acting like niggas
once we get paid.
Is this why we bled?
I forgot the words we said
Till I wake up
in time before poor me was dead. 


Pain full writing

I forgot how to write
Perhaps an inflated problem
because I only forgot
when I became too happy. 
That inspirational sorrow
was stored away
for other times…
Only to be opened on the rainy days
Only to be open on burning days.
only to be open…
on the suicidal days
The trying days
When I cannot go on
and must write.