A Poem About the Sky

Wrap me in a blanket
Stop my thinking
My mind is blank
For a second it was blinking
I’m on cloud nine
I don’t care if I’m fine
I’m in love with the strangest things
Though opinions are in the mind
I tend to waste my time
Admiring what’s not mine
Though it may never be
I don’t mind
Enjoying the company
I like how this feels
That being so surreal
I like the closeness
How it is to the touch
I hug you forever
I try not to ask for much
The things I say
The things I do
Would be different
If meant for you
This may sound untrue
Give me a chance
What I mean is
My pen is
saying things that may sound senseless
Messages that are subliminal
It’s criminal for you
to be so close.
Yet so far away.
I use extended metaphors
While you think you know
You still remain unsure
If I’m talking about the sky
or something else.
Though you would not be wrong
If you thought of yourself.


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