A Poem about Sappho

I look like the Taino.
Who, although I’ve never met,
I like to think I do.
With dark brown hair
that has bad the sun’s fingers
brush it as though,
it were my lover.
My skin is
too naturally sweet
for many of these other islanders,
thus creating
that whispered name, “Mud”.
Such a contradiction
to the name, “Violet”.
Though maybe it’s not.
Still I look like the Taino.
Maybe though,
if I looked like Sappho,
I’d be more beautiful.
But I’m part Atabey, part Prithvi.
Beautiful fragrances
mixing with my texture so earthly.
Yet I don’t look like Sappho
so I’m not beautiful.
But you never know
with an oddity like me.
Their idea of beauty
is not for what I’m aspiring.
So despite my “name”,
I have no shame,
because I look like the Taino.



Dichotomies of Fantasies (Conflicts of Religion)

I kept a soft spoken
counter to the place
while 2nd hand drugs and drinks
are shoved into my face.
A carbon jail
in each case,
no fault in grey matters.
But who we were
and who we are
never equal after.
Relationships are sinking ships
like an albatross
is the cross
that is choking me.
That’s not my fault.
Despite what
faith justifies
“life” ain’t reality
“Truth” is testimony
with innocence and accidents
as lies we’re always seeing.
Youths on the right track
will still drown in love
if they only know being.
But imma let streetcars pass
as my desire for that below Georgia
puts me on blast
about relationships
with no chance to last
cause I judge people
with values that I never even had.
Sometimes we remember things
thinking we hear angels sing
with sounds just like
how demons scream…
We believe
we are who we say we are
which still places us
closer to the evil
that we say we aren’t.


It’s not me grieving over this.
Just over the lost of innocence.
Trying to find resilience.
Making sense of this
and all the moral problems we present.
I could sell flame to the devil
in the way I sold my soul.
A silver tongue demon
but you have a tongue of gold
to keep your friends believing
all your lies.
So pleasant to the eyes
hiding under a disguise.
They can’t see below the surface.
For you that’s perfect….
Is honesty really worth it?
I do good things with malicious intent.
Each action causing resentment.
The road to hell is paved with self contentment.
I feel a storm I can’t control.
It can’t be described.
Nothing fits into a mold.
I’m the asshole
your parents warned you about
But on the inside
I’m the innocent kid
that can’t go out.
I’m gullible
like how I believed
you’d die
if I leave.
Then when you left
I was close to death
I was suicidal.
You said I was in denial
you had a thought bridal
for a guy
you known for five
then cheated on for six.
I can’t believe in a person
who fights for love like this.
I have thoughts self righteous.
Even good flames will ignite us.
I could be an oasis
in this desert
of immoral places.
Or more like
a Greek gift
causing our rift.
But know
though I’m  a spawn
born from sin and evil
I never once
have been so deceitful.

Promises of Words

We dream of great things
with hope of achieving them.
Then often settle.

If I ever settle
and choose to give up my dreams
show these musings.

Remind me of days
skipping class thinking only
of my love for words.

Doing everything 
so I’d have experiences
to later write of.

How all that I did
was so I could write each day
despite life matters.

If I tie a noose
around my neck, then pull it
till my eyes pop out.

If I forget how 
to think then blow my brains out
and paint history’s walls. 

If I become like
those people that critique
show me my own truth.

I offer these words
as a promise that never
will I change myself.

My word and ideas
shall remain as true as now.
This is my promise. 

Love, Religion, and Everything Between

You walked through dark valleys with me
Though I’m not God
I’m your next closest thing
You called me your love
Love is your religion
Where are we
but on a collision. 
You betrayed me
You must be Eve
 thinking yourself Adam
You best believe 
I can see that bulge
from me
in your throat.
I’m your serpent
is that how you cope?
I fell into my room
Tell me what looms
Over the mountains and gloom
I knew prayer was thrilling
sitting, willing
my heart to stop beating
I was cheating progress
while you were just cheating.
Is that what it means to be forsaken?
How could anyone
Believe a lie so blatant?
You make me lose faith in humanity.
You made me lose faith in me…
I thought I found it 
till I later found it
I’m confounded
when surrounded
by faith so clouded
Friend said buy it, try
on a smoke and eat diet
with a sleep in lifestyle
it was a while
before a natural smile
crossed my face.
Is this “love”?
I may talk to you again,
Who’d consider loving 
your God a sin,
but those who don’t understand?
I feel in love with a stranger
Now I demand
5 years
my life
to forget love
to forgive strife.
This is the prison I’m living in.
Just to fall in love again.