Old World Order

The winds are bringing change
carrying dust of decaying structures.
Dust that could blind
those entranced in the past.
Lessons learned
face turned
to the verdant plain
where new plans will be lain.
Potential to fill a spiritual abyss
we can be an oasis
within a desert of complacency
that, as rain drops,
we are changing
to a sea of morality. 
Education, work, faith
endowed with a sense of mission
from a vision. 
We make revisions 
to the world
with each decision
leading to serve. 


Pictures With Words

Stare into space.
Lie on your back.
I’ll paint this time.
Close your eyes and listen.
The light glistens on you.
Casting contrasting shadows
while my emotions quietly battle.
Your scarf has me at a lost.
I hoped to see the eggs of man’s desire.
As you kick off shoes
I see blue hills
that I’d journey longer than the Hebrews
if only to reach the promise land.
I stopped asking
merely basking in this moment
hoping that for a second
I can trace the lines
the artist divine
drew to make you.