Before the Walk Out

Getting dressed slowly
she stretches like a lioness
with no reservations.
My body on vacation
I admire the view
that recently
was stormy weather. 
She slips into jeans
then crawls between me and sheets
pawing like a kitten
with the smile of a raccoon
as she looked up
from the dark of covers. 
I could tell
from the way she lied
when talking to
since she nuzzled against my breast
demanding a caress that fabric
“Let’s go out,” 
she purred. 
My eyes shifted 
to the raining outside.
She was 
the sad ghost of a woman
wanting to swim
in the same lake she drowned.


The Party Before

The problem with driving
was surviving the return
while in a daze,
constantly amazed at life,
even though
you’re walking a tight rope
millions of miles from Earth.
But we weren’t close
and I found walking difficult. 
Planning while sober
to not get pulled over
living in the moment
existing in laughter at jokes
and sleeping in green pastures
that were all all in your head.
That’s how these nights tend to go
My friends are welcoming enough
in that
they don’t mind my guest
though half the time
with her hiding behind me
I wonder if they know she exists.
I coast from person to person
conversing with the few people there
and yeah…I would like to skip
to the fun part
but I can’t seem desperate.
She drifts
a leash keeping her.
As they are starting
her and I 
sit in a circle.
My friend passes a cigarette.
I take a drag
while she quickly passes.
The can of soda
that she nervously hold
may do the job though.
Her eyes open to show
pupils dilated
and my friends know,
as one laughs,
and she falls on her back
as though pushed.
i glance at her
with a grin
then place the tab on my tongue. 

Dichotomies of Fantasies (Conflicts of Religion)

I kept a soft spoken
counter to the place
while 2nd hand drugs and drinks
are shoved into my face.
A carbon jail
in each case,
no fault in grey matters.
But who we were
and who we are
never equal after.
Relationships are sinking ships
like an albatross
is the cross
that is choking me.
That’s not my fault.
Despite what
faith justifies
“life” ain’t reality
“Truth” is testimony
with innocence and accidents
as lies we’re always seeing.
Youths on the right track
will still drown in love
if they only know being.
But imma let streetcars pass
as my desire for that below Georgia
puts me on blast
about relationships
with no chance to last
cause I judge people
with values that I never even had.
Sometimes we remember things
thinking we hear angels sing
with sounds just like
how demons scream…
We believe
we are who we say we are
which still places us
closer to the evil
that we say we aren’t.

The Lost of Vision (Rap Lyrics)

I kick hard as anyone
Pele, Messi, or a guy tryna score
A kid from Baltimore
tryin get great
but don’t know what for
trying get big
Blood to the head
Once out of the place
Where I had my first rig
I went all out
thought I had fame figured out
Now I scream and shout
at the sky
me and I
We are a lie
unstable kids hoping the real us don’t die
trying to crawl out the cradle
I used to be fine
now I’m not able
I used to want fame
Lights for my name
I forgot hunger
Was I to blame
Now I wander
fated to wonder
what lies left my lines
with only thunder.
I’m trying to get back
to when rap was pleasin
we didn’t need reason
before purpose and I split
and words became treason
We go through virtues like the seasons
Fisher, Maradona
I thought I told ya
You could be great
with a head on your shoulders
Faith can move mountains
But what will move the boulder
of ego that traps me in place
and makes the world colder?
The situational kick
are we bending it?
Or maybe we’re spending it?
The money we made
We don’t regret what we did
acting like niggas
once we get paid.
Is this why we bled?
I forgot the words we said
Till I wake up
in time before poor me was dead. 

Happenings in my Life

I’ll be off of wordpress until about April 12th or so due to being out my home state for personal reasons. 
I’m also working on a short story that is made up of a lot of the love and anger poems that I have written on this site and my own personal book. Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the month. 
Thank you to the followers who continue to read my work despite my inconsistent posting.