The Grey of my Mind

Tell me the size of your eyes.
I want to devise 
a way to get inside
your mind.
Tell me
what will I find?
You and I
two of a kind
both blind.
Me in one way.
You on Sundays
though we were still learning.
So redux
Another redo.
This is everything
we’ve already been through.
Walking in a land 
Thinking of this makes me
This is reality torn
If it made sense
It was me pretending.
Like a cheshire cat
Your darkness is grinning.
Off with my head
to get ahead.
No sorrow or lust
you felt nothing instead.
I was wedded 
to you in my head
so i dreaded this.
I did not expect it.
These changing signals
made me feel epileptic. 
This is a minor stroke
but if I take a toke
I can cloud my mind in a cloak.
Then dream and pretend.
This is not as it seems.
Or the end.
It’s a testament.
To me, myself, and my memories
that I cannot get sentiments 
imprinted on the grey
of my mind.



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