Love, Religion, and Everything Between

You walked through dark valleys with me
Though I’m not God
I’m your next closest thing
You called me your love
Love is your religion
Where are we
but on a collision. 
You betrayed me
You must be Eve
 thinking yourself Adam
You best believe 
I can see that bulge
from me
in your throat.
I’m your serpent
is that how you cope?
I fell into my room
Tell me what looms
Over the mountains and gloom
I knew prayer was thrilling
sitting, willing
my heart to stop beating
I was cheating progress
while you were just cheating.
Is that what it means to be forsaken?
How could anyone
Believe a lie so blatant?
You make me lose faith in humanity.
You made me lose faith in me…
I thought I found it 
till I later found it
I’m confounded
when surrounded
by faith so clouded
Friend said buy it, try
on a smoke and eat diet
with a sleep in lifestyle
it was a while
before a natural smile
crossed my face.
Is this “love”?
I may talk to you again,
Who’d consider loving 
your God a sin,
but those who don’t understand?
I feel in love with a stranger
Now I demand
5 years
my life
to forget love
to forgive strife.
This is the prison I’m living in.
Just to fall in love again. 


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