Your Transparency

Your transparency leads me 
to believe that you’re 
as shallow as the Reed Sea
that Moses crossed
though you’d say
you too are lost in translation.
It was your trend 
to pretend to be someone,
then be a mannequin,
letting others dress you.
When that failed
being a bohemian
fit into your plan.
You took a crack at
following Jack Kerouac
yet that included too many people as well.
And though the term fit you,
you’d never admit to 
being a hipster
because it’d put you in a group.
You read Camus
could recite Satre too. 
Live by 
what Durden would do.
You believed essence
proceeds existence.
So you introduce yourself with pretense.
This has become you.
You call it culture
though I’m not too sure;
when you show such demur
in finding something
to be a part of. 


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