What happened to that joy?
That I saw on your face ago?
Before the wrinkles of time began to show.
You spent hours
bleeding on your paper
about things we were too young to know.
Eyes straining in the shadows
finding where the black ink would go.
I lost you to that world for days.
I was amazed at how your pants fell.
Your thin limbs would tell
how easily you would snap
if I was too strong.
Those dark blue jeans
were replaced with black ones with inseams.
And almost admitting this mistake;
yet afraid to do a rash thing
you wore a noose around your neck.
So you slowly suffocated.
What happened to the hours you put in?
The sleep you were lacking?
The food you weren’t eating?
The wall you were bashing?
You were light from drugs.
You still drink poison.
Is this too a mistake?
You are growing weary.
You’ll barely make it through
The joy has disappeared
Along with the dreams of you.


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