Examining Beauty

Look at this flower and its beauty.
What has it done
to deserve the title?
Should the thorn
make me yearn for it more
for I now love it less.
I must confess
I cannot stand the uniformity of belief
without seeing what lies beneath.
Though it warms everyone
I do not admire the radiance of the sun,
diamonds in eyes,
silky black threads
that scatter as one lives
under white clouds from skies in a bed.
Why is this flower so called
only known for its beauty
and that is all.
But what is the reason?
Our minds committed treason
and we subscribed
to thoughts that aren’t justified.
Perhaps on the inside
the beauty is all the same
though its sad
that we concentrate on a name
flower, beauty, nouns bringing ideas
that few care to examine or critique.
But if each flower
is described as beautiful
is any flower unique?


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