Time Is a Liar

If there were time
I’d wait for ideas
to gradually become cares
from fears, tears, and years
of deeds and words.
Now I’ve waited before
this fact must be told.
While young I grew old,
became lead from gold,
having my soul sold,
to a devil for a taste.
I understand how deep
this seems to be.
Let’s speak of fantasy
perhaps becoming reality.
Life between you and me.
Let’s talk of this.
I felt a feeling
best likened to salvation
the cut and castration
manhood gone in a laceration
then a revelation.
This is losing love.
Silvers. I have smoked silvers
that curled and landed heavy
in a pose so sexy.
Then others like me
come to make a bevy
comforting each other.
Don’t do it I literally said
then gave into heat
and she, being a vegetarian,
hungrily devoured meat
and this help me know
she was a hypocrite.
I become confused lately.
I often call others dishonest.
I rarely speak to be modest.
But ma’am I am in bondage
torn by chains and steel.
Who will tell my story if not me?
Who will pay me homage?
I forgot my memory.
I forgot what it means to remember.
I forgot the warmth of December.
I forgot the pain of being limber.
I forgot what’s needed to make life glimmer.
I forgot how my soul feels when love simmers.
But I swear, I never forgot you.
I swear I tried. I wanted to. But I never forgot you.
Time will be born.
Coo, nurse, cry, and feed.
Stop, begin to continue.
Grow, learn, leave, and hate.
Grow, learn, leave, and hate
then be forgotten in itself.


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