My Daisy

I mull through cold rain.
Dreaming of you once again.
If this anesthesia does not dilute pain
then love has failed.
Quietly there are babbling whisperings
and if you are carefully listening
you’ll hear novelty washing off.
The sad thing is how beauty
is drown out if you listen too long.
Words bridge classes
but it shan’t last
though I could be wrong.
I spoke to you in suffocating solitude
your words shallow
as if they always had been.
But surely this was not the case.
I remember your beautiful face
and my memory serves me well.
There were evaporating street corners
drying sights dampened by salty shots
greenish blue rooms the colour of seaweed
where parties were held.
But you stood out there.
A mermaid whose beauty was clear
with a song I cannot remember.
There were receding mumblings from you
keeping confidence afloat
afraid to be judged at what you said.
These treading words.
I could not hear.
But I would have loved you still.
Despite things done, things did, or songs sung.
Scaling rung after rung.
In times abstract and absurd
it was your song I wish I had heard.
Cascading thoughts with atomic battles fought
for you, my love, and like a dove
so white, so pure with no cure.
You and I are our only kind.
This is so.
Others do not have
a rainbow as we do.
I loved swimming on your shores
forgetting about the waves of sound.
The ripples on your physical surface
I have seen through your carapace.
And yet I still love you miss.
So no words are needed.
And when you age
your worries will not matter so
I will still speak of your grace.
This you must always know.
Like those who fall out of love
when beauty is gone
we shall not.
For your beauty shall live forever on.
Must I speak more
of what I’ve spoken of.
You are my mermaid, my love.
A mermaid, my love.
And I do not think you shall sing to me.


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