December 17th, 2011

That night
with a gray sky making silhouettes
I saw two beautiful creatures
with flames on their skin
snow at their tips
that chased after the essence of life
and devoured it.
You and I feared their way.
So we bravely sneak pass.
Leaving a flowing night
when we entered from the shadows at last.
You laid your flesh.
I slowly left
though you bid me return.
Feast on what I yearn.
And for a moment learn
what it means to chase life.
Time disappeared into a hole in my heart.
While happy
I feared we’d part.
The sun soon began dawning.
Your tired eyes yawning
asked for me
to go with the morning.
So away I went
my time was then spent
thinking to myself
of the creatures outside
that chased after life.  


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