To Expectations

I’m sorry I got in so late last night.
Your car is where it should be.
There’s a scar on the left.
I parked a bit drunkenly.
Are you happy
I returned safely?
Don’t look so angry.
I tend to disappoint people.
That’s a disappointment to me.
I think that’s the reason
for all my drinking.
I want to make you proud.
Throughout my life I’ve tried
doing that same thing now.
I worry too much about this.
You cross your arms.
I defend myself
from insults and attacks.
Please take those words back.
You’re disappointed in me?
Don’t say such a thing.
It’s as though you don’t love me.
I think I lost track in drunken dreams.
That’s my plan for now.
It has been said I’m ruining my life.
Your deduced reasons are wrong.
I’m not drinking to ruin my life.
I drink when you think I am ruining my life.


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