Thoughts on Friends

It was a strange feeling
We were drunk or high
staring at the ceiling.
I don’t know which
but since I kissed a sky
I’d say it was the latter.
I remember licking your cake batter
off your finger.
Talking about dreams
that linger then never happen.
Childhood words from two kids.
I remember adolescent years
partly still here
with us skipping lectures
and exams over long spans
to sit in seats elsewhere.
Look at other faces.
Talk about sad things.
That happens.
I remember my anger
and your smile those times
as you detailed others
I remember false lovers
and could have and want to be’s.
I remember cold Decembers
knitted scarves
and those from Mars
observing from far away
as if I was an alien as well.
I remember hugs and silk threads
that my fingers cruised through
to comfort you and to be comforted.
I remember my lies and honesty
and all that in between.
I remember salty drops ending
dirty trails on snow
that descended from deep blue pools
reflecting apologies and words of no.
I think I remember
a sad close to a journey
with swift movements
east and west
trying to redress
the ship that was filling
with water from the inside
as the twin ice blue ponds
thawed and realised
what I had been looking for.


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